The WarriorCraft Life-Coaching Definition is: “The Craft of Empowering Individuals to live their Best Lives!”

Amidst the rat race of the modern world, more and more people are becoming aware of an inner sense of dissatisfaction with life and the realisation that life has far more to offer than the mere pursuit of financial security and material possessions. Most importantly people have awoken to the knowledge that there is immense, untapped potential within themselves and indeed mankind. WarriorCraft seeks to assist people in their quest to unleash their full potential.

How does it work?

WarriorCraft Life-Coaching incorporates the following techniques, principles and methods:
Personal Needs Analysis
Personal Values Re-evaluation
Self-Reflection & Analytical Thinking
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Personal Experience

NB: WarriorCraft does Life-Coaching, not coaching for life. We rarely do more than 10 sessions. We are not therapists, life-partners or soul-mates. We are passionate about getting the most out of life and dedicated to guiding you to become the best you can be.


Rate: R600/session (excl Travel Costs)
Duration: 1 hour

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Paul Rothmann presents dynamic and interactive Self-Defence workshops specifically designed for women. In the workshops he combines years of full-contact fighting experience with his keen understanding of the principals of psychological combat, teaching participants how to physically defend themselves, as well as deal with mental and emotional conflict.

The course includes:
Practical & Simple Street-fighting
Mental Preparation techniques
Preventative Principles




Duration: 1.5hrs



The effective CEO understands the politics of managing a Board, and the equal and opposing politics of managing a business through its people/staff. The philosophy, politics, technical proficiency, business acumen and people skills are all elements of an effective leader’s arsenal if you like. Yes running a business is akin to war: it requires strategy, appropriate systems and tools, effective staff, and a passion to win. Executive Coach, Charlene Deacon, has been in the trenches as an MD, but importantly, she is also qualified as a teacher and has put fundamental coaching skills into practice during her tenure as MD of Kaya FM achieving a 900% growth in revenue for that business in a 7 year period.


Rate: R1500/hour (excl. Travel Costs)
Other: Negotiable depending on how many candidates for the business


Rate: R1000.00/hour (excl Travel Costs)

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With years of experience in motivating staff, colleagues, schoolchildren and clients, the members of WarriorCraft are very capable public speakers, able to ensure that your team is inspired to perform at their best. WarriorCraft motivational talks also incorporate the principles of Warriorship, and focus on the quest to elevate every single action, to that of an art form…to attain true self-mastery in even the most mundane activity. Topics can be carefully sculpted to address your specific needs.



Rate: R15 000.00 (excl Travel Costs)
Duration: 1 hour



Duration: 30min

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Charlene Deacon facilitates strategic planning sessions for small to medium size businesses.  We offer a facilitation process that allows businesses to customise according to their requirements.  The process can take the form of full day workshops, or 4 hour sessions depending on size and nature of the objectives for the session. 

These sessions include: 

Establishing a Vision
Mission Statements
Core values of the business
Development of key strategies with objectives
Analysis of competitive landscape
New business development strategies


Facilitation Service for Companies

1 Day: R15 000
2 Days: R25 000

Full Spectrum Strategic Planning Service

R50 000
(A full spectrum Strategic planning service that involves up to 2 mini workshops and meetings with key players prior to the main Strat Session, a full day strat session with no more than 20 candidates and post strat assistance for management to ensure implementation of strategies.)

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The ‘Discover the Warrior Within’ seminar is a self-development and empowerment course combining the principles of Self-Mastery and Self-Defence. Participants are shown how to take control of their own destinies, how to lead fulfilling lives through ‘elevated’ decision-making and ultimately how to experience their true potential! Companies benefit through increased workplace-performance, productivity and innovation due to the employees’ increased enthusiasm, higher personal standards and job-satisfaction.

The Self-mastery section of the seminar is a combination of the Code of the Ancient Warriors and practical NLP-techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It aims to improve the quality of life through ‘elevated’ decision-making, both in business and personal life, encouraging personal growth and impeccable behaviour.

Topics include:

  • Seizing the Moment & Courage
    • Living a Full, Quality Life & Controlling Fear
  • Discipline
    • The Energy to Achieve Goals & to Live Impeccably
  • Honour & Integrity
    • The Path to True Contentment
  • Respect
    • Human Interaction / Workplace Relations
    • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Habits & Perception
  • Life Strategy
    • Inner Awareness, Goal Setting & Action Plans

The Self-Defence section is a physically interactive session, and consists of an introduction to the principles of full-contact combat, including the correct mindset, followed by instruction in practical, yet highly potent street-smart fighting techniques. Participants are given the opportunity to perform the techniques unreservedly on the kicking/punching bags. The course is ideal for all, irrespective of age, gender or martial arts experience.


The seminar is called ‘Discover the Warrior Within’, and in this context the ‘Warrior’-concept refers to an archetype, or a personality trait present within all people, which is one of the most valuable sources of Personal Power that helps us on the road to self-mastery. At its core, the ‘Inner Warrior’ is not solely concerned with mere physical conflict, but rather, is dedicated to facing and overcoming challenges and adversity as well as seeking growth and prosperity. Essentially the warrior’s quest is to make the world a better place - and in the process become a better person.


The emphasis on empowerment and living according to a higher set of values contributes significantly to a successful corporate environment. Financial and other benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity, Innovation, Commitment and Service Quality resulting from higher Personal Values, Discipline and Courage.
  • Improved Attitude, Workplace Relations & Customer Relations arising from the principle of Respect and Conflict Resolution techniques.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction, Enthusiasm and Commitment due to higher values such as Honour and Integrity leading to improved staff retention and reduced training and development costs.
  • Improved Employer / Employee relations due to the clearly communicated message that the company cares.


The personal benefits for the employees are obvious, and include:

  • Personal Development
  • Passion and Commitment
  • Interpersonal Skills & Co-employee relations
  • Reduced Stress Levels &Work-Life balance
  • Self-Defence Skills
  • Confidence


A key objective of this seminar is to encourage employees to seek constant growth within their own frame of reference and equip them with the tools to do so. It is not about ‘changing’ employees according to an external set of standards, as the standards are entirely their own. The seminar aims to plant a seed, which needs to be nurtured by the employees within their own approach to life. However, this being said, advanced and even repeat sessions have greatly enhanced the impact of these sessions.


The 'Discover the Warrior Within' seminar is the ideal way to empower employees to unleash their true potential and thereby contribute to the growth and success of the company.


R20 000.00 per session

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*All prices quoted are for JHB and Pretoria – other areas in Gauteng incur travel costs at R4.00 per km. Travel to other parts of the country and accommodation fees are for the clients account. Cancellations are accepted provided 24 hours notice is given of the cancellation, otherwise the full fee is charged.

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